BLOODY NORA! was written, choreographed and directed by Liz Aggiss for Nora Invites, premiered at Lilian Baylis Studio London on 26&27 Nov 2015. Nora is Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley. BLOODY NORA! is a story of competitiveness, friendship and hormonal imbalance, where shit tricks become cheap laughs and a Bach is worse than its bite. It is inspired and framed by clippings, off cuts, personal and archival history, and assorted individuals: Malvina McGuire, Niddy Impekoven, Max Wall, Hilde Holger, an enthusistic sock seller in Singapore and domestic drivel. BLOODY NORA! will be touring as part of Nora Invites Aggiss, Burrows, Fargion and Tanguey in 2016.

” a riotous finale….the piece is among other things a smart and searing send-up of the infuriating “Is it that time of the month?” questions so often leveid at womenwho dare express an impassioned opinion……mocking pearl clutching reactions to preceved female transgressions there was a reeling-off of euphemisms for menstruations (biggest hits include ‘Shark Week’ and ‘riding the cotton pony’)….heres hoping the sharp work will stick around in Nora’s arsenal for shows to come. Sara Veale: Womanpower: 3.12.15 fjord

photo credit Camilla Greenwell