Diva 2009

A jaded dance diva processes up the red carpet. Craving the attention she deserves, she performs a magnificent reconstruction from 1927 of the little known work Largo. Since nobody gives a fig she blows a dance raspberry and performs an impromptu rendition of Ranki Panki circa 2007. Diva is where fact and fiction collide, archive and reportage rupture.
Funded by the University of Brighton.

DIVA has toured film festivals nationally and internationally and was acquired for Channel 4’s The ABC OF DANCE4 transmission 2009 and ArteTV France and Germany, and ABC Australia 2008
A compelling work injury attorney san diego Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

A diverse selection of the best dance film including from Liz Aggiss’ ebullient Diva. Radio Times (CHANNEL4 DANCE4) 20/12/09