Liz Aggiss is Emeritus Professor of Visual Performance at the Univ.of Brighton and has an Honorary Doctorate from The Univ. of Gothenburg Sweden and the University of Chichester.

As an experienced, respected and empowering female performer, choreographer, dance film-maker, tutor, mentor and speaker, her open and engaging approach can be shared with, and enjoyed by broad audiences from; dance, theatre, film, live art to academic communities.

Her fast tasking, quick thinking, performance-making workshop considers content and context, specificity and framing, past histories and lineage and makes reference to her research, process and choreographic methods.

Liz Aggiss offers Mistress Classes, workshops and residencies that can consider the following;

  • Specificity, form and framing the body with attention to performance skills, audience and the fourth wall.
  • Recovering the body from the library – focusing on Grotesque Dancer and Ausdruckstanz
  • Learning repertory from Aggiss’ back catalogue
  • Writing and speaking texts for the moving body

Additionally she can facilitate workshops and talks on screen dance, live performance and integrated film, and the choreo-mentary dance film form.

Her post-show talks, seminars, critical discussions, and provocations straddle academic and professional performance practice and include;

  • The personal and political corporeal transgression of a mature post-menopausal solo female dancer
  • Research and choreographic ideas that challenge presentation choices within dance practices.
  • Have you calmed down yet Elizabeth? Have we all calmed down a bit too much?


The performance and workshop spoke to me on many levels. Owning this body, telling its story, being aware, making use of the potential & limitations but still pushing this body before I leave this vessel behind. It was exactly the tonic I needed as an artist.  I greatly admire your art and the methods used to craft your path. Check our dublin painters. It inspired and lifted up my hopes as a (female solo) performer
MA student Performance Practice DMU Leicester

I loved your work already, but hadn’t seen you perform for some years and I had such a great time at the show and found out so much at the workshops it is impossible to put into words….I am currently trying to write the next section of my PhD looking at Affective dramaturgy in dance theatre and am hugely indebted to you and a performer, teacher and mentor. It is almost impossible to articulate the nature of the phenomenon of Affect but I’ll try anyway and rely on Deleuze et al. to give me some words!  So just a huge thank you for your performance works and especially for your time and wisdom in the workshops, visit website.
Participant from Drama Department School Of Arts Univ Kent

Liz Aggiss is an inspiration and sets the standard for dance in Britain – a pleasure and a provocation to us all.
Education Outreach Officer

Your work is sublime, Liz – yes, there are so many questions of gender, sex, aging, etc, but to me, the ‘meat’ lies in your amazing connection with the past, with Vaudeville and other forms of performance art, and how these inform the threads and through lines of your own work, transforming itself all along the way.
Glenna Batson Duke University Durham North Carolina