With her bus pass and pension book tucked firmly into support stockings, Liz Aggiss is going nowhere……….fast. Do try to keep up!

Crone Alone is a layered, unapologetic feminist solo, chock full of dark wit and pithy social commentary. Liz Aggiss gleefully dissects the historical medical precedents, associated with female hysteria. Symptoms included: a ‘tendency to cause trouble’; a ‘gathering in the head’; ‘egotism’ and ‘novel reading’.

As a product of a repressive, post war upbringing where the slightest whiff of exuberance or feverish excitement was deemed hysterical and immediately quenched, Liz Aggiss is throwing caution to the wind and cracking her own whip.

On this exhilarating journey Aggiss punctuates the score with punk poetry and a little light movement featuring demonic dancing, possession, emotional outbursts, hallucinations ….. and the occasional cup of tea.

She clings to a runaway train of thought, whilst asking; What are the threats to female sanity…..apart from men? Grinding her teeth on sharp words in a saturated minefield of sound and cack music, she is derailed, maddened and held hostage to: cystitis and ladies plumbing; hormones and menopause; wardrobe malfunctions and body dysmorphia; whiskers and stray hairs.

Her unruly, unbound body, sweats, swears and refuses to simmer down, or get a hold of itself. She will not and cannot pull herself together. She is not a pair of curtains!

Turn your pace makers up to 11 and your hearing aid down to 3! There is a Doctor in the house? Crone Alone is performed and written by Dr Professor Liz Aggiss.

Scratch presentations in 2019/20 will be at; Dance4 Nottingham: Edge Hill University Ormskirk: Ageless Festival Leeds: The Dance Space Brighton, Sadlers Wells London.

Crone Alone will be in Research and Development during 2019/20 and premiered Spring 2021.

Crone Alone is funded by Arts Council of England with support from: Dance4, South East Dance, Yorkshire Dance, Sadlers Wells, EHU, University of Chichester. Produced by Feral Arts.