Cut with the Kitchen Knife 2014

Commissioned for, and performed by MapDance, University of Chichester, this dancing scrapbook is a deceptive and disorientating display of composite contradictions and varied interpretations on the performing body.

Referencing photomontages by Hannah Hoch, the stop frame animations of Muybridge and the disembodied entertainment in The Voice, the performer is ripped out of context and roughly conjoined. Hell bent on pursuing and outwitting each other, the performers pay expressionist homage to Gertrud Bodenwiesers’ 1923 Demon Machine, Hollywood beauties and double entendres whilst juxtaposing questions on ethics and aesthetics, health and safety, accompanied by jewelry store, Chumbawumba, Klaus Nomi’s Cold Song, Eddie Cantors Keep Young and Beautiful from Roman Scandals1933 and Singular Sensation from A Chorus Line.

2014 Tour: Unis Roehampton, Chichester, Coventry, Manchester Met., Chester, Sussex Downs, The Point Eastleigh, Weymouth College, Arena Theatre Wolverhampton, The Place London, Tanca & Elledance Slovenia.